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Chiropractor in Mississauga with Over 20 Years' Experience

Since 1990, Dr. Serge Lanoue has been helping Mississauga residents feel better through time-tested chiropractic techniques. Dr. Lanoue and his team have worked with patients on a number of physical issues from back pain to rheumatoid arthritis to tennis elbow to migraines. Our patients are looking to live healthier lifestyles without relying so much on prescriptions or surgeries to heal injuries chiropractic therapy is a more natural treatment option.

Spinal Decompression and the Neurologic Relief Center Technique

Two of the techniques we incorporate into our services are spinal decompression and the Neurologic Relief Center Technique. Spinal decompression is a nonsurgical motorized traction that aids may relieve back pain. By gently stretching your spine, our chiropractors may take pressure off your spinal discs (the cushions between your back bones). The Neurologic Relief Center Technique is a specific relief test that may be effective on fibromyalgia as well as other physical ailments.

Personalized Attention

Our patients have told us that they appreciate the individual attention they receive from us as well as our use of multiple different treatment approaches tailored to their specific conditions. Our staff is also passionate about treating each patient with respect and dignity while building a trusting relationship. We offer same day, early morning, evening and Saturday appointments. No referral is required, so contact us today to set up your appointment!

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