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Grow Your Business Through Referrals

Posted by Leading Edge Business Referrals on 6 February 2024
Grow Your Business Through Referrals

Thursday March 2th at 7 AM
Denny’s Restaurant
40 Courtneypark Dr. E, Mississauga

In today's fast-paced business landscape, it's clear that most small businesses grow mostly through referrals, therefore the importance of networking cannot be overstated. For those aiming to forge authentic connections and collaborations, BNI stands out as a key player. If BNI is new to you, or you've just started hearing about its significance, their Visitor Day is an ideal starting point.

Why Go?

Here are a few reasons why this event could be a turning point for you and your business.

1. Expand Your Business Through BNI

BNI, the largest business networking and referral group globally, operates on the principle of "Givers Gain." The idea is simple: support others' businesses and yours will grow in return. The BNI Visitor Day gives you a taste of how BNI chapters work, showcasing their organized yet welcoming meetings.


2. A Networking Feast

The Visitor Day isn't just a regular meet-up; it's a lively affair filled with entrepreneurs and professionals from varied sectors. If you feel your current professional network is limited, this event is your chance to expand it. It's an opportunity to meet potential partners, suppliers, or mentors over breakfast, going beyond mere business card exchanges to build significant relationships.


3. Boost Your Referral Skills

Referrals are crucial in BNI. Unlike cold calls or random emails, referrals come from reliable sources and thus have a better success rate. Attending Visitor Day puts you in a position to gain and give referrals. The connections you make here could lead to future business recommendations, and you'll see how BNI's referral system works firsthand.


4. Gain Business Insights

BNI chapters also focus on learning. Each meeting features an educational segment where members share knowledge and tips. As a visitor, you'll gain insights that could be beneficial for your business or industry.


5. Discover BNI's Supportive Environment

There's a difference between hearing about BNI's supportive nature and experiencing it. Members actively support each other's successes and challenges, aiming for collective growth. Visiting lets you feel this camaraderie and decide if it suits your professional goals.


What's Stopping You?

BNI Visitor Day is more than just an event; it's a gateway to endless possibilities. It's open to everyone, from established business professionals to emerging entrepreneurs. Think of it as an investment - spending a few hours could lead to numerous business opportunities, lasting partnerships, and valuable knowledge. Mark your calendar and take that first step towards a lifetime of referrals.


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About: We are a group of committed business people dedicated to helping one another grow our businesses through referrals since 1995. We are looking for like-minded business people to join us and exchange referrals with. Come and see if Leading Edge Business Referrals can help you grow YOUR business.
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I got the largest referral of my career - for $1.2M - from a BNI Leading Edge member by being very specific in what I was looking for. BNI has helped me grow my business significantly over these very many years.

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