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Is it a Lead or a Referral? HINT: Referrals are Better

Posted by Leading Edge Business Referrals on 3 November 2015

This article is a teaser from this week's Sales Caffeine column from Jeffrey Gitomer - America's #1 Sales Authority.


Is it a Lead or a Referral? HINT: Referrals are Better.

Having attended several networking events lately, I have heard the terms "lead" and "referral" bantered around.

Which would you rather have? Referrals of course. It's the personal power of a sales lead. A recommendation, not just a name. Credibility, not just a place to call.

I can't tell you how many times I heard the term, "don't use my name" when passing along a possible lead. Seriously?

HISTORY: I have attended many (many) networking meetings and belonged to several networking groups. Here's how they work, and ideas on how you can join groups that are willing to give referrals rather than leads.


Read the rest of Jeffrey's article - HINT: he devotes quit a bit of space to BNI - by clicking HERE.


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